Your project’s water quality requirements are often an integral element ensuring your project milestones are met on time & on budget. Our experienced team knows exactly what the regulartory requirements are and how they can be met to make sure your project is rolling along nicely.

Comprehensive Water Quality & Monitoring Services

Water Quality Monitoring Programs

The design of Water Quality Monitoring Programs is a requirement of many approvals. This may include consideration of a baseline monitoring program, ambient monitoring, and event monitoring of heavy rainfall events.

Sediment and Nutrient Budgeting

Water balance models for operating aquaculture operations and hydrodynamic dispersion modeling are critical components of environmental assessments and provide valuable insights into designing monitoring programs.


We help leading aquaculture companies navigate aquaculture development projects. Aquaculture operates in a multi-jurisdicational space, with shifting regulatory goal posts, and regulatory disruptions. We bring Wild Environmental’s expertise across the aquaculture value chain to drive business certainty, and help clients navigate the complex approvals process.

Groundwater Monitoring

Groundwater monitoring is a critical component of environmental management for a variety of projects. Monitoring of groundwater can include, Standing Water Level, water quality, groundwater recharge, and assessment of contamination.

Surface Water Monitoring

Surface water quality refers to water in streams, lakes, creeks, rivers or any other above-ground water source. Monitoring involves both in-situ water quality using calibrated water quality meters and multiparameter sondes and collecting water samples for analysis at NATA accredited laboratories.

Receiving Environment Monitoring Programs

A Receiving Environment Monitoring Program (REMP) may be required under environmental approvals. The purpose of a REMP is usually to monitor the impacts associated with a point source discharge of contaminants to receiving waters.

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