Your project’s soil requirements is often an integral element ensuring your project milestones are met on time & on budget. Our experienced team knows exactly what the regulartory requirements are and how they can be met to make sure your project is rolling along nicely.

Comprehensive Soil Services

Soil Surveys

Soil surveys are required to investigate and map soils. Soil surveys provide valuable information about soil type, chemical, and physical properties.

Top Soil Management Plans

Topsoil is a valuable resource and needs to be managed as such. Top Soil Management Plans are required to identify topsoil, prescribe stripping methods and manage topsoil stockpiles.

Acid Sulfate Soils

Acid Sulfate Soils are naturally occurring and harmless when left undisturbed. However, once disturbed they may react with oxygen and produce sulfuric acid. Survey and management of ASS are important for projects in low lying areas.

Erosion and Sediment Control Plans

Erosion and Sediment Control is a complex construction manamangent disipline which requires a detailed understanding of soils, erosion control principles and practices, vegetation management and revegetation techniques, hydraulic and hydrological processes, and the preparation of soil erosion and sediment control plans.

Strategic Cropping Land Assessments

Strategic Cropping Land is land which is, or is likely to be, highly suitable for cropping because of a combination of the land’s soil, climate and landscape features. On-ground assessment against the SCL criteria will confirm the extent of SCL at a property or project level.

Contaminated Land Investigations

Contaminated land investigations are specialised services including the assessment of contaminated land to determine the risk to human health and the environment.

Mine Site Rehabilitation

Land disturbed by mining activities needs to be rehabilitated to a post mine landform which is stable and does not pose any further risks of environmental harm.

The NGH Wild Environmental Advantage

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