Your project’s marine requirements are often an integral element ensuring your project milestones are met on time & on budget. Our experienced marine science team knows exactly what the regulatory requirements are and how they can be met to make sure your project goes swimmingly.

Comprehensive Marine Environmental Services

Seagrass and Coral Monitoring

Seagrass surveys and coral monitoring are generally required for projects which discharge into the marine environment. These sensitive biological receptors require ongoing monitoring of condition, resilience, and recruitment.

Dredge Sampling and Analysis Plans

The National Assessment Guidelines for Dredging 2009 (NAGD) give effect to the management framework for the impact assessment and permitting of ocean the disposal of dredged material. Wild designs and reviews sampling programs for characterising dredge material in accordance with the NAGD.

Marine Plant surveys

Disturbance of Marine Plants is prohibited under the Fisheries Act 1994. Wild Environmental conduct marine plant surveys of areas containing or likely to contain marine plants. Surveys focus on identifying species of marine plants, the total amount of marine plants that will be disturbed, and the location of the marine plants to be disturbed in relation to the development works.

Benthic Ecology Surveys

Benthic ecology surveys can involve both sediment analysis of organic content in relation to discharge from aquaculture, or sampling of marine macroinvertebrates to monitor changes in species composition.

The Wild Environmental Advantage

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