Flora and Fauna Surveys

The NGH Wild Environmental Team provide services for all of you ecology needs. Our Townsville based ecologists are experts in assessment of regional ecosystems and biodiversity conditions for regional Queensland. We are experienced in ecological surveys of protected flora and fauna including locally important species such as the Black-throated Finch.

Flora & Fauna surveys performed by local, professional and experienced ecologists.

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Flora Surveys

  • Vegetation community assessments
  • Marine plant surveys
  • Seagrass monitoring
  • QLD Regional ecosystem mapping

Fauna Surveys

  • Fauna surveys and monitoring
  • Remote sensor camera trapping and monitoring
  • Trapping of mammals, reptiles, amphibians
  • Spotlight surveys
  • Bat surveys and call analysis
  • Coral reef monitoring

Ethical Scientific Operations

NGH Wild Environmental Consultants operates in accordance with permits and approvals for commercial and scientific use of animals.  These include:

  • Scientific Use Registration Certificate (Animal Care and Protection Act 2001)
  • Scientific Purposes Permit (Nature Conservation (Administration) Regulation 2006)
  • Animal Ethics Approval (Animal Ethics Committee)
  • Marine Parks Permit (Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Regulations 1983 and Marine Park Regulation 2006)

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