Fauna Spotter Catcher Services

The NGH Wild Environmental Team are accredited and experienced Fauna spotter catchers.

Flora & Fauna surveys performed by local, professional and experienced ecologists.

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Fauna Spotter Catchers

Fauna spotter catchers work to mitigate the impact of native vegetation clearing on native animals. Our ecologists work as part of a team to rescue and relocate any injured or displaced animals which may be impacted during construction works.

It is often a permit condition or requirement of environmental approvals to have a qualified fauna spotter catcher on site during any vegetation clearing. Our ecologists have a Damage Rehabilitation ‘Removal and Relocation’ permit which allows them to rescue and remove fauna from danger during construction.

Our team will work with you to conduct pre-clear surveys of the development area, set up exclusion zones, and develop a safe working methodology to ensure a working understanding of the operator and fauna spotter catcher.

Pre-clear Ecological Surveys

Pre-clearance field surveys are conducted using our qualified ecologists to conduct both flora (habitat) and fauna assessments. We collect data in the field using an electronic mobile device with GIS software and GPS capability. Pre-clearance surveys consist of validating the mapped vegetation and regional ecosystems to identify habitats for species which may be impacted during clearing activities.

Pre-clear fauna surveys include targeted habitat assessments to determine the extent, condition and value of habitat within the clearing area for target threatened and migratory fauna species.

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