Contaminated Land

Secure your project with an industry leader in contaminated land management. Our contaminated land consultants have years of experience and we specialise in cost effective solutions.

Contaminated Land Services

NGH Wild Environmental’s team of experts have years of experience with contaminated land assessments and management.  As one of the premiere contaminated land specialists in Townsville & North Queensland.  Ensure your project’s success, eliminate the risk and know whether you’re building on contaminated land or buying contaminated land.

Contaminated Soil Assessment
Contaminated Land

Contaminated Land Management

Contaminated Land Management is an integral part of NGH Wild Environmental’s services and we pride ourselves on our expertise and capabilities.

Preliminary Site Investigations

The Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI) is a process that assesses the site history to identify any current and historical potential contamination.  This will give insight into the potential risks posed by any contamination that has been identified. Where required a site walk over will be conducted.

Detailed Site Investigations

The Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) entails intrusive soil and groundwater investigations to determine whether any potential contaminants of concern are present.  If found the assessment evaluates whether those contaminants pose an unacceptable risk to human health or the environment.  Our contaminated land specialists develop conceptual site models in order to understand the site from the perspective of contamination migration.  DSI’s are often undertaken following a PSI.

Groundwater Investigations & Modelling

Complex groundwater investigations are used to assess the transport of contaminants and any impacts that may have on the infrastructure, human health and environment.

Remediation Design & Planning

Our contaminated land strategy includes the preparation of viable remediation options where various remediation design choices are available.  Every site is unique and needs to be evaluated to provide a cost effective remediation solution that benefits the project and satisfies the stakeholders.

Site Based Management Plans

We develop and implement environmental management plans, environmental management systems and ensure compliance with permit/approval conditions. We undertake investigations and environmental auditing for environmentally relevant activities and operations.

Environmental Monitoring

At NGH Wild Environmental we provide  environmental monitoring that includes sampling of surface water, groundwater & soil vapour testing in line with an environmental monitoring plan and legislative requirements.  Our unique ability to understand your site allows us to ensure that we have proportional monitoring in place without being excessive.

Engage an experienced contaminated land consultant.

You’ll enjoy a distinct advantage with NGH Wild Environmental’s multi-disciplinary team.  Benefit from our experience in planning and executing site investigations, providing contaminated land assessments and planning remedial design projects.

Our projects range from small scale soil investigations and remediation designs to large scale soil and groundwater contamination assessments.  Our knowledge & experience often distinguishes us from other contaminated land consultants.  It also allows us to efficiently target our resources, communicate effectively with all stakeholders which means value for money for our clients.

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    Contaminated Land Assessment

    Providing an expert Environmental Site Assessment otherwise known as an ESA is one of our core contaminated land services.  Our contaminated land assessments will document any known contaminated land conditions and also any potential factors that could cause liability or affect property values.

    You’ll receive a report containing useful conclusions and detailing practical recommendations specific to support your project.  All of our Environmental Site Assessment reports adhere to the specific reporting requirements relevant to the required governmental jurisdiction.

    Phase 1 Contaminated Land Assessment

    (Preliminary Site Investigation)

    The Phase 1 site assessment is often used for due diligence on property transactions, financial assurance to determine any possible risks and divestment & decommissioning assessment planning.

    The Phase 1 contaminated land site assessment collates a range of available information sources to determine the known status of the site.  Our contaminated land specialists analyse the relevant public data specific to the site and for the phase 1 environmental site assessment we’ll often use data from historic maps, any available photographic evidence and the known site history.

    The Phase 1 ESA is predominantly a desktop report that provides a comprehensive review of the site history and highlights any activities that may be responsible for soil contamination, ground water contamination or air contamination. Where required a site inspection walk over will be performed to ensure the completeness of the findings.

    You can expect a Phase 1 contaminated land report that is clear, detailed and aimed at achieving your development goals.  Our contaminated land consultants will give you clear guidance on whether the site is suitable for it’s intended purpose, outline any issues or concerns and determine if a Phase 2 contaminated land assessment is required.

    Phase 2 Contaminated Land Assessment

    (Detailed Site Investigation)

    You will require a Phase 2 contaminated land site assessment if the site is known to have a history of contaminated land.  This can result from existing knowledge of the site or it could be the result of the Phase 1 contaminated land assessment.

    The Phase 2 contaminated land assessment begins with consulting the relevant stakeholders which includes a review of all relevant site information and lays out the sampling strategies for gathering the required data.  We’ll ensure that we have site specific health & safety plans in place before we begin to use intrusive machinery for soil sampling and soil contamination testing.

    Once the site assessment is complete you can expect your phase 2 environmental site assessment report to include:

    • a summary of the site’s current condition
    • a detailed photographic log of the site investigation
    • detail on any underground infrastructure that could possibly impact the location or movement of contamination like USTs
    • emphasis of any concerns, exceptions to the plans and cross sections that provide detailed insight
    • the nature and the extent (if any) of the contaminated land and provide further insight into areas of uncertainty related to contaminated soil.

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    Our carefully selected team of Environmental Scientists, Ecologists, GIS Specialists & Planners have both the qualifications and experience to ensure your projects are always in the green.

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    Our mission is to be QLD’s top regional environmental consulting firm, by providing current expert advice. Our team is always ready to deploy at the first available opportunity.

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    Contaminated Land FAQ

    What is contaminated land?

    There is a strict definition under Queensland law that defines contaminated land as “land with substances that are deemed hazardous in or on the land. These substances show a reasonable likelihood to have negative effects on human health and the environment“.  Further the RMA more completely defines contaminated land as follows under section 2 of RMA bylines:

    Contaminated land means land that has a hazardous substance in or on it that:

    1. has significant adverse effects on the environment; or
    2. is reasonably likely to have significant adverse effects on the environment.

    How does land become contaminated?

    Quite simply land contamination occurs when hazardous materials and substances are used, stored and/or disposed of in a way that’s not considered safe.  If soluble substances and/or hazardous liquids leak into the soil, it is possible that the groundwater may also be contaminated. Gasses or pollutants in the air may also spread contamination a wide distance from the original site of contamination.

    What is a contaminated land risk assessment?

    For landowners and environmental inspectors working to assess the risk of and identify existing contamination an Environmental Site Assessment is usually requires.  This is also known as a contaminated land assessment.  When identifying the source of the contamination the following are commonly used:

    • groundwater contamination
    • damage to the site’s natural environment including flora & fauna
    • backflow and drinking water contamination
    • displacement of soil caused by the sinking of the ground due to weight overload known as Settlement
    • possible threats to the surrounding environment caused by contaminant migration

    What is the contaminated land register?

    Here in Queensland site contamination is managed via the EMR and the CLR. These are public registries that hold files & information on all registered contaminated land in Queensland. Additionally the EMR is also responsible for tracking land that is potentially contaminated or may have been exposed to a potentially harmful substance.

    More specifically the Environmental Management Registry maintains a list of land upon which specific activities or notifiable events have previously or are currently occurring.  Land listed in the Environmental Management Registry which has been impacted by notifiable activities indicates a higher probability that the land may be deemed contaminated after more detailed investigation but does not necessarily mean that the land requires remediation or vacancy.

    Once the land has been deemed contaminated and dangerous, it moves to the Contaminated Land Registry.  At this point action is required to undergo contaminated land remediation to ensure the safety of the environment and human life.

    What are the contaminated land remediation costs?

    Naturally contaminated land remediation costs are dependant upon the nature and severity of the contamination.  At this point it’s vital to ensure that your project is managed by experienced contaminated land remediation contractors.

    When is an environmental site assessment required?

    An Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is part of regulatory compliance. The Environmental Protection Agency or your local council will possibly require an ESA for site rezoning, redevelopment requirements, for purchasing property or divestment, due diligence or commercial liability clean-up.