Aquatic Ecology

Wild Environmental Consultants provide aquatic ecology services in Queensland. Our trained and experienced aquatic ecologists are proficient in a number of techniques and are continually providing aquatic ecology surveys Queensland wide.

Comprehensive Aquatic Ecology Services

Aquatic Ecology surveys consist of a range of scientific investigations including water quality, fish surveys, and benthic macroinvertebrate surveys aimed at determining the health of aquatic ecosystems. Wild Environmental undertakes aquatic ecology surveys in accordance with our General Fisheries Permit and Animal Ethics Committee approval.

Fish Community Assessment and Waterway Barrier Works Assessments

Wild Environmental regularly undertakes baseline assessment of fish communities inhabiting areas which may be impacted by waterway barrier works. The fish community assessments are undertaken by recognised experts in fish passage and include a variety of techniques, including backpack electrofishing, netting and trapping.

Fish surveys identify the fish species utilising each system and describe their ecology, with particular reference to potential migration traits and behaviour. Wild Environmental Aquatic Ecologists are trained in identifying the habitat characteristics present and detailing fish communities utilising the impacted streams and the habitats present based on literature review and sampling results.

Macroinvertebrate Studies

Our aquatic ecology assessments include description of aquatic habitats in accordance with AusRivAS protocols for Queensland Streams to establish a general description of each creek. The descriptions will include flow level, depth, velocity, width, canopy cover, substrate types, habitat attributes, local catchment erosion, sediment deposits, water colour, algae, water odour, substrate odour, presence of snags and large woody debris, presence of undercut banks, riparian zone width and cover, aquatic flora composition, and general signs of disturbance.

Wild Environmental provide trained experts to undertake the macroinvertebrate sampling as per the AUSRIVAS macroinvertebrate sampling methods. Macroinvertebrate sampling is generally undertaken by using a 250 µm kick net, and starting from downstream of the sampling location. Once macroinvertebrates are collected using a kick method whereby the substrate is disturbed sufficiently to dislodge macroinvertebrates, samples are sorted, and picked macroinvertebrates are preserved in a labelled specimen jar for later identification.

Stream Habitat Assessments

Wild Environmental regularly undertake stream habitat assessments in accordance with relevant AUSRIVAS guidelines and to comply with Receiving Environment Monitoring Program designs. Stream habitat assessments are undertaken to describe the current condition of riparian vegetation, stream morphology and describe habitat quality for species of conservation significance.

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