Your projects need approvals and we know how to deliver them. Years of experience deep inside the regulatory bodies gives us a unique advantage when it comes to getting your environmental approvals across the line.

Comprehensive Environmental Approvals

Environmental Impact Assessment

Everything from minor development environmental assessments to full blown Environmental Impact Statements.

Development Permits

Development approvals regularly require environmental assessments as part of the application process.

Environmental Authorities

Our team has all the experience you’ll need to apply for the relevant Environmental Authority that’s required to carry out environmentally relevant activities.

EPBC Referrals

Referral under the EPBC Act is required for projects which will have or are likely to have a significant impact on Matters of National Environmental Significance.

Coordinated Projects

A proponent of projects with complex environmental approvals may apply to have it declared a ‘coordinated project’ under the State Development and Public Works Organisation Act 1971 (SDPWO Act).


Offsets are required for projects which are considered to have significant residual impacts on a protected environmental value. We’ll help you setup your environmental offsets to compensate for the negative environmental impacts of your needs.

Environmental Management Plans

Environmental Management Plans are ususally a conditional requirement of permits, which detail controls and management measures to avoid, mitigate and offset environmental impacts.

Compliance Management

Environmental compliance is an ongoing and adaptive challenge. Compliance with permit conditions and environmental outcomes is necessary to reduce the risk of enforcement action.

Environmental Audits

Environmental audits may be required intermittently or regularly to ensure compliance with permit conditions and to improve environmental management measures to reduce the risk of environmental harm.

Tidal Works Permits

Works in tidal environments commonly require the following permit to facilitate the activity:
– Development permit for Operational Works for Tidal Works (Prescribed Tidal Works)

Marine Park Permits

Activities in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park require a joint Marine Parks Permit from both the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.

The Wild Environmental Advantage

An Experienced Team of Professionals

Our carefully selected team of Environmental Scientists, Ecologists, GIS Specialists & Planners have both the qualifications and experience to ensure your projects are always in the green.

Our Team is Always Ready To Go

Our mission is to be QLD’s top regional environmental consulting firm, by providing current expert advice. Our team is always ready to deploy at the first available opportunity.

Professional Support Without The Overheads

Our team provides you with every environmental service you’ll need to ensure that your projects have a positive impact and are delivered on time and on budget.