Nicholas Baker

Managing Director and Principal Environmental Consultant

Nicholas is a leading authority on environmental approvals and environmental management in the coastal and marine environment. He is a Certified Environmental Practitioner and currently sits on the committee of the North Queensland Division of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand.

Nicholas has a background in complex major project approvals and environmental impact assessment.  Nicholas is highly experienced in dredging, aquaculture, water quality, marine ecology, natural resource management and environmental impact assessment.  While at the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Nicholas has managed some of the highest profile projects in Queensland including: Abbot Point Capital Dredging Project, Guthalungra Aquaculture Project (largest prawn farm in Australia), Gladstone Channel Duplication Project, and Cairns Shipping Development Project. More recently Nicholas has been involved in the early stages of the Lindeman Island Great Barrier Reef Resort project, a $600 million redevelopment of the Lindeman Island Resort.

Nicholas has sat on multiple technical advisory committees and is an expert in the analysis of sediment quality for dredge material disposal in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.



Sebastian Madden

Graduate Consultant Ecologist

Sebastian is a Graduate Ecologist at Wild Environmental Consultants. Sebastian is a qualified biologist with a background in applied ecology and environmental impact assessment.
Sebastian holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Macquarie University and a Master of Science in Tropical Biology and Conservation from James Cook University.  Sebastian has demonstrated experience in terrestrial ecology and environmental management, including environmental impact assessment, ecology surveys, and environmental management plans.

Sebastian is also a qualified Fauna Spotter Catcher and has completed venomous snake handling course.




Senior BotanistJohan Hurter

Senior Botanist

Johan is a Senior Botanist and Ecologist at Wild Environmental Consultants. Johan has more than 20 years of demonstrated experience related to: ecology, herpetology, plant taxonomy, statistical data analysis, vegetation descriptions and analysis, vegetation mapping, vegetation monitoring, weed mapping and monitoring and consulting.
Johan has diverse experience in various botanical biomes including the Wet and Dry Tropics of North Queensland, Arid Central Australia, Great Victoria Dessert, Great and Little Sandy Desserts, NT, Kimberley’s, Pilbara, Murchison, Gascoyne, SW WA, Swan Coastal Plain, New Caledonia, Africa, the North Island and various off-shore islands of NZ.
Johan has published over 50 technical publications in national and international scientific, peer reviewed journals. His experience includes collaboration with many botanical scientists in Australian and others internationally.


    Matthew Ayre

       Environmental Scientist

       Matthew is an Environmental Scientist at Wild Environmental Consultants. Matthew holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management with Majors in Earth Science and Ecology. Matthew is a qualified Environmental Scientist with over two years demonstrated experience related to environmental management, environmental compliance reporting, Mine Operations Plan reporting, geological mapping and exploration reporting, erosion and sediment control management, soil analysis, data analysis, contaminated lands monitoring, air quality monitoring, water quality monitoring, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), terrain modelling as well as environmental and geotechnical laboratory skills.





20171208_120735-1-240x180Ellie Kilpatrick

Administrative Assistant

Ellie is Wild Environmental’s administrative guru, assisting the team to keep everything running smoothly.